Worship Ministry

Our goal for our team is to build a worship culture that is GENUINE and TRUE! Build a team of people who are passionate about God and the team. People who strive for a bigger purpose and that grow in their knowledge of worship, Spiritually and technically.

We believe, and strive to achieve, for our team to build up the people around us. Encouraging one another and walking in unity with all worship members by respecting and loving one another.
We are one church with many cultural differences between the older and younger generations. However, everyone is reaching for one goal: to worship God wholeheartedly. When worshippers come together in unity to worship in Spirit, in their knowledge and experience, it won’t be just systematic worship anymore, but it will become real, authentic worship that will reach the heavens and the heart of God!



The team meets on Mondays, we call them Devotionals, which consist of Fellowship, Teachings, Prayer, and Worship. It is a place where we build community, connection, and unity as a team. It’s a place where we learn to walk in the prophetic, worship with one another, and listen and obey the Holy Spirit.

service teams

sunday services

8:30AM + 10:30AM + 12:30PM

teen ministry

6:00PM Sundays

Ages 12–15

youth Ministry

7:30PM Thursdays

Ages 16+

Special events + Holidays

7:30PM Thursdays

Ages 9–10


To grow a strong and united team, who worship with genuine hearts and pursue God's heart daily. People who are driven to grow their knowledge in worship and are challenged to step out of their comfort zone to reach the calling God has for them

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