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LOGMC is a church started by immigrants who faced persecution. By the grace of God, they arrived in the USA and established the church. The first 10 years were a time of change, as they adjusted to a new way of life.

In 1991, Senior Pastor Nikoliy Pekun established LOGMC. The church promptly engaged in mission work within the countries of the former Communist Soviet Union. Soon after, LOGMC established the RUBI Bible School to train leaders locally and abroad. Nearly 5,000 students have graduated from this program. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, LOGMC has actively supported various humanitarian organizations. We continue to support missionaries and their work in the USA and other countries.

Initially, LOGMC gathered in a rented space within a Presbyterian church in the Fair Oaks area. In 1999, the church acquired its own facility in Roseville, which has become our permanent home. Our congregation has experienced growth and continues to embrace diverse cultures.

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